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What your colleagues,
on both sides of the same case
say about Judge Lewis:

He took an active role in resolving this case with complex technical and damage issues. His rapid grasp of these issues coupled with his tenacity in keeping the parties focused on resolution made a fair settlement possible.


Donald E. Oliver,    
Plaintiff's Counsel, Aircraft Maintenance Mediation     

Patience, persistence and impartiality are essential qualities of a successful mediator. Judge Lewis drew on all three during two full days of mediation that moved the parties from an initial impasse to an excellent resolution.


J. Douglas Durham,    
Defense Counsel, Aircraft Maintenance Mediation     

Judge Lewis very effectively pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of each party's case, causing everyone to want to settle. My clients appreciated his professional manner in dealing with the issues and the people.


Eugene P. Haydu,
Plaintiff's Counsel, Construction Defect Mediation 

Judge Lewis is both experienced and skilled. He has an uncanny ability to settle highly complex and conflicted issues without browbeating the parties or their counsel. I highly recommend him.


Ronald J. Britt,
Defense Counsel, Construction Defect Mediation 

Judge Lewis patiently considered all of the evidence and arguments. His arbitration award was well reasoned and based on a rational analysis of the facts.


Phillip Fraley,
Plaintiff's Counsel, Personal Injury Binding Arbitration 

Judge Lewis has an excellent demeanor as a mediator/arbitrator. He read all of the documents, listened to all of the evidence and reached a just result. His no-nonsense approach is refreshing.


Evan D. Williams,
Defense Counsel, Personal Injury Binding Arbitration 

He quickly identified the key issues in this contract/real estate/construction case and brought both sides to a fair and satisfactory settlement. He is bright, tenacious and makes the clients feel he understands what they are going through.


Phillip A. Kerr,
Plaintiff's Counsel, Real Estate Mediation 

Judge Lewis quickly established a positive rapport among the parties and their counsel. This led to a speedy and amicable resolution.


William E. Barnes,
Defense Counsel, Real Estate Mediation 

Darrel Lewis is a mediator and private judge in Sacramento who resolves cases from throughout Northern California, including, Yolo, San Joaquin, Placer and El Dorado counties.
Phone: 916.483.2222

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